Huger Tech has recently released a new Indiegogo campaign for it newest line of top rate electric boards. And while all these skateboards promise a massive range, their price tag (at least for Indiegogo backers) is quite small.

Huger Electric Skateboards Design

The Huger is a excessive-performance and low-priced electric powered skateboard series that is available in 3 modes: Travel, Racer, and Classic. As we can see from the picture, The decks of Travel and Racer functions a unique streamlined look layout, even as the Classic has a exceptionally low-profile design, and it is more portable and lighter for greater flexible riding.


Huger Electric Skateboards Features

The 3 Huger electric powered skateboards function powerful and waterproof motors. The Racer because the top among the 3 electric Skateboards, features 2000w dual hub motor plus 36V, 4.4Ah rechargeable battery on the way to offer a pinnacle of 25mph and up to 20 mile riding range, and it deals with 25% maximum mountain climbing gradient.

The Travel comes geared up with 1100 watt dual hub motor and 36V, 4.4Ah battery for a pinnacle pace of 20 mph and as much as 22mi using distance. The conventional uses a unmarried 700W hub motor paired with a 24V, 3.2Ah rechargeable battery for a pinnacle pace of 15mph and up to 8.5mi riding variety.

Moreover, Huger Travel and Racer characteristic swappable battery. This means you may sincerely exchange battery for an extended tour distance. Three Huger models come prepared with LED lighting for safe analyzing at night, and the LED lighting fixtures on travel are customizable for customized visual consequences. The three fashions are controlled with a Bluetooth far off manipulate, and the usage of custom app you may get the popularity of your Huger and regulate settings to fit your preference.

Huger Electric Skateboards Price

The Huger crew is elevating fund for the 3 models on Indiegogo. We’re able to pledge $299/$599/$699 to preorder one of the app-enabled electric skateboards. The 3 version are anticipated to be shipped in October 2017.