Nissan has confirmed the Australian pricing and model grades for the all-new Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid, which goes on sale in Australia next month.

Nissan is expanding its popular Pathfinder SUV range with the addition of a high-tech, high-efficiency hybrid powertrain that combines Nissan’s super-responsive QR25DER 2.5-litre supercharged four cylinder petrol engine with a torque-assist 15kW electric motor, resulting in V6 levels of performance with fuel consumption rates akin to a four-cylinder-powered SUV.

Maximum power output for the all-new Pathfinder Hybrid is 188kW with a peak torque of 330Nm. The Pathfinder Hybrid achieves a torque curve almost identical to the V6-powered version.

Impressively, combined-cycle fuel consumption (91RON) is 8.4-litres per 100km (2WD) and 8.5-litres per 100km for 4WD variants, approximately 15 per cent^ less than the V6-powered Nissan Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder Hybrid’s highly efficient petrol-electric powertrain uses an intelligent dual-clutch system. The first clutch operates in conjunction with the supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine while the second clutch manages engagement of the 15kW electric motor. Control of each clutch is determined by the driving mode, resulting in optimal use of the petrol engine and the electric motor for maximum efficiency. Drive is sent to the wheels via Nissan’s next-generation X-TRONIC transmission.

The Pathfinder Hybrid’s electric torque assist motor functions as a power generator during braking and deceleration, recharging the on-board 144-volt Lithium-ion battery, which is located under the third row of seats at the rear of the vehicle. The battery’s compact size means the Pathfinder Hybrid shares the same rear occupant space and cargo capacity as its V6 counterpart.

Maximising refinement in the Pathfinder Hybrid are two clever technologies. The first is Electric Active Control Mounts (E-ACM). These support the supercharged four-cylinder petrol and minimise engine vibration when it is detected. The E-ACM engine mounts apply a reverse-phase cancelling force to counter these vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The second technology is Active Noise Control (ANC). Microphones located inside the cabin of the Pathfinder Hybrid monitor the presence of undesirable sounds. When detected, they are cancelled with an equal and opposite sound frequency emitted by the vehicle’s audio system.

Like the V6-powered Nissan Pathfinder, the all-new Pathfinder Hybrid will be available in 2WD (ST model grade) and 4WD (ST-L and Ti), the latter controlled by Nissan’s clever ALL-MODE 4×4-i system which maximises the Pathfinder Hybrid’s ability to handle a variety of terrain types.

Towing capacity in the Pathfinder Hybrid is 1,650kg (braked trailer.) The Pathfinder V6 has a towing capacity of 2,700kg (braked trailer).

Three generously equipped model grades will be available in the Pathfinder Hybrid. Each corresponds to its V6 counterpart and includes the same extensive list of standard features that have helped make the Pathfinder so popular since its local release late last year. Along with these, the Pathfinder Hybrid contains a number of specific features, shown in bold text. They are
summarised together, below.

Pathfinder Hybrid ST 2WD

Standard features include:

  • 2.5-litre supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine (QR25DER)
  • 15kW electric torque assist motor
  • 144 volt Lithium-ion battery
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Electric Active Control Mounts (E-ACM)
  • Active Noise Control (ANC)
  • Seven seats as standard
  • EZ Flex seating system (for easy access to the third row of seats)
  • Reversing camera with predictive path technology
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • Tri-zone automatic climate control
  • Intelligent key
  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • LED tail lights

Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD

The Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L contains all of the features of the ST model grade plus the following:

  • ALL-MODE 4×4-i system
  • Front sunroof (for front-seat occupants) and panoramic glass roof (for second- and third-row occupants)
  • Leather accented seats^^
  • Heated front seats
  • Electronically adjustable driver’s seat including lumbar support
  • Electronic steering wheels adjustment
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Front fog lamps
  • Chrome side mouldings

Option pack: Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD

The Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L is available with an option pack, which contains the following features:

  • Around View™ Monitor (AVM)
  • Satellite navigation
  • Premium BOSE audio system
  • 8-inch colour VGA LCD front display
  • 9Gb music box

Pathfinder Hybrid Ti 4WD

The Pathfinder Hybrid Ti contains all of the features of the ST-L model grade plus the following:

  • 20-inch alloy wheels
  • Power tailgate (open and close)
  • Around View™ Monitor (AVM)
  • Satellite navigation
  • Premium BOSE audio system
  • 8-inch colour VGA LCD front display
  • 9Gb music box
  • Dual 7-inch rear screen DVD entertainment system with IR headphones, wired jack and remote control
  • Heated and cooled front seats
  • Reverse synchronisation mirrors
  • Position memory linked to Intelligent Key (driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors)

Nissan Pathfinder: Australian prices

Pathfinder 2WD

MSRP* Estimated Drive-Away Price**
Pathfinder ST V6 2WD $39,990 $43,905
Pathfinder Hybrid ST 2WD $42,990 $47,001
Pathfinder ST-L V6 2WD $50,490 $54,745
Pathfinder ST-L V6 2WD w/ Option Pack $52,590 $56,909
Pathfinder Ti V6 2WD $60,990 $67,126

Pathfinder 4WD

MSRP* Estimated Drive-Away Price**
Pathfinder ST V6 4WD $44,490 $48,553
Pathfinder ST-L V6 4WD $54,490 $58,873
Pathfinder ST-L V6 4WD w/ Option Pack $56,590 $61,037;
Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD $57,490 $61,969
Pathfinder Hybrid ST-L 4WD w/ Option Pack $59,590 $64,133
Pathfinder Ti V6 4WD $65,090 $71,723
Pathfinder Hybrid Ti 4WD $68,090 $74,879