Off-roading like a boss can be a fun experience, and it can be even more fun when playing your favorite tracks. Unlike car stereo systems, your UTV or side by side need something that can handle the abuse you will dish out. Not only are you going to have to protect your equipment from bumps, scrapes and bruises, but you are going to want to ensure they are waterproof, weather-proof and easy to mount and install.

UTV audio accessories

Major companies like MTX Audio have come out with various lines of equipment designed specifically for off-roading excitement. When shopping for new UTV audio accessories, there are a few things you will have to keep in mind.

First, let’s look at where you want to mount your speakers. One of the most common and convenient ways to mount your side by side sound system is through the use of an overhead audio system. These complete systems include the essentials of any sound system: inputs, speakers, ports and AM/FM radio. Besides that, overhead audio systems can also come with cargo nets for storage, Bluetooth connectivity and speaker amplifiers. Be sure your kit fits your cage size or that it has adjustable brackets to fit multiple cage sizes.

Another popular option is a sound bar. Similar to their home counterparts, these heavy-duty sound bars are made to withstand the awesome beating you will be giving it. These sound bars should be water and weather-proof and have adjustable brackets to fit various cage sizes. Thanks to modern technology, many high-end sound bars have multiple USB ports and connectivity options.

If you already have your audio system installed and mounted, but you want a little more juice for your tunes, then you will be looking for new speakers or an amplifier. One of the most important things to check when shopping for new audio accessories is that your new accessories work with your existing system. Many systems are meant to work together, but it is always a good idea to read the product details and reviews to be sure.