Are you tired of seeing your car insurance rates rise month after month? The amount that you pay often depends on where you live, the type of car you drive and your driving history. If you find yourself involved in even a minor fender bender that goes through your insurer, you can expect your rates to rise. Instead of raising your deductible to better afford your policy, you can opt for some more unusual ways to lower your rates and save money on an insurance policy.

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Rent or Buy a Home

Did you know that you could save significantly on your auto insurance when you bundle two or more policies? If you buy a home or rent a piece of property, you can bundle your rental or homeowners insurance into a policy that also covers your car. This lets you pay less for the protection that you need. Rental insurance kicks in when someone breaks into your home and steals from you, but it may also cover damage caused by fires and natural disasters. Policies for homeowners cover many of the same things.

Paint Your Car

One way in which insurers determines your rate is by the type of car you drive. You may not realize that the color of your car can affect that rate too. Many people assume that owning a red car is more expensive, but you may pay more to insure a lighter colored car too. A bright red car can catch the eye of police officers and lead to them pulling you over and giving you a ticket. If you drive a lighter or more neutral colored car though, you may find yourself involved in more accidents because others cannot see you clearly. Painting your car a darker color may reduce your rate.

Have a Laugh

Attending a defensive driving school can also help you save money. When you enroll in a comedy defensive driving Texas school, you can have fun and learn some great driving tips from professional comedians who will also make you laugh. Many insurers offer discounts for those who take an approved driving class. You’ll learn everything you need to know about proper driving techniques and save too.

Auto insurance can cost you thousands of dollars every year. Save money on your policy when you bundle your insurance, take a defensive driving class or change your car’s paint color.