Whether your boat is basic or customized, big or small, it needs to be maintained. Luckily, routine maintenance and slight repairs aren’t difficult to carry out. If you consider it, this effort will pay off in the long run. Follow these tips to learn how to take good care of your boat.

2015 Mercury 2.5 HP 2.5MH Outboard Motor

Wash Your Boat

The foremost and easiest task is to do is to clean your boat regularly. If you do your boating in salt water, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every trip. Salt water corrodes metal, fasteners, and other parts. If left for log on the gel coat, it can mar the coat also. Use a long-handled brush with soft bristles and good quality soap. The best to use is the marine boat wash because it is specially formulated for the gel coat. If not, use car wash soap or a pinch of laundry soap.

Change the Oil

Boats need their oil changed just like cars. Inboards, four-stroke outboards, and stern drive boats need regular oil changes. The frequency of the oil change depends on the model of the engine. You can change the oil after the boat has been running for 100 hours, or once a year. You have to change the oil yourself because there aren’t any quick oil change shops for boats. Fortunately, to change your boat’s engine oil is very simple and can be done quickly if you have the right tools.

You can use an oil extractor pump that is cheap and removes oil through the dipstick tube. Also, use an oil wrench and several rags to absorb the drips. If the boat is in the water, start the engine to warm it up. If it is in a trailer, supply water to the water intake next to the gear case. Do so by placing “earmuffs” over the water intake. Attach a hose pipe to the V-shaped tube then:

1. Turn off the engine after five minutes and remove the dipstick.

2. Insert the oil extraction suction tube into the dipstick tube and slide it until it stops.

3. Pump out the oil. The oil will remain in the pump until you can take it to be recycled at an oil change shop.

4. Tie a rug around the oil filter and remove it using a wrench. Attach a new one by screwing it on after rubbing oil on the sealing gasket.

5. Replace the dipstick and pour new oil into the engine through the oil port.

Check the Propeller

Make a pre-launch routine of checking the propeller. If you have a stern drive or outboard engine. Ensure that discarded fishing line is not wrapped around the propeller shaft. If there is any fishing line, take the boat to a professional boat dealer for inspection.

Maintaining your boat well will make you enjoy your boating even more and also make everyone on board feel safe. To purchase mercury outboards and boat spares, you can find them from dealers such as Onlineoutboards.Com