A myriad of problems can occur in the residential setting, including leaky faucets to sewage backups. Some issues can be tackled by the layperson, such as replacing a worn or damaged washer in a sink faucet to stop it from dripping. However, other situations may work out better by calling a plumber first. It can also be helpful to take preventive measures to keep serious problems at bay.

Plumbing Problems

Sewage System Backup

There is no way around this one. Sewage backups are awful regardless of the cause. Those unfortunate enough to experience this plumbing problem know the awful stench that comes with the putrid sludge seeping into their home. This situation may warrant a plumber as the causes include crushing from tree roots, blockages in the mainline, and old pipes collapsing from decay. It can be difficult to determine what is causing the leak without a professional and potentially a plumbing smoke test. Maintaining sewer lines regularly can keep tree roots at bay, and the proper disposal of grease and paper items can help prevent blockages.

Faulty Water Heater

Discovering a faulty water heater can be a big surprise. When sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank, it can lead to leaking. Many water heaters are located in the basement or crawl space, and those areas are not viewed daily; occupants may find the leak is large and damaging. Getting into the shower and finding no hot water can be another surprise revelation about a failed water heater. Fixing or replacing a water heater is better left for the professionals. Those same professionals can help maintain the tank to prevent future problems.

Leaky Water Pipes

The water pipes in many residential settings are not out in the open, where they are easily visible and accessible. When a leak happens, it can be difficult to find the location of the leak because the water can run to different areas away from the leak. Imagine the damage tearing out walls, ceilings, or floors could cause by trying to find the leak. Professionals can be very helpful in these situations. While some areas may need to be repaired afterward, it is likely the problem can be identified more easily with outside help. Because leaks occur frequently during the winter, keeping the thermostat at a constant temperature day and night, letting water drip from exposed faucets can help prevent leaky water pipes.

Most people have a tough time enjoying plumbing issues in their homes. Being aware of common situations where a plumber is beneficial and practicing preventive measures can be helpful in avoiding some unpleasant situations.