If you’re a workaholic but ready to take a break, self-care can feel like an insurmountable mountain to even begin climbing. Despite the seemingly-infinite Internet articles on the subject screaming for your attention, there are almost too many ideas to consider. This autumn, however, why not try whittling down your self-care list to just a few items? Luckily, a couple of ideas are gathered here for you — to make your self-care journey as seamless as possible.

Care Ideas for Workaholics

1. Set Aside Creative Time

Figure out if you’re more creative in the morning or evening. Then, schedule for yourself five, fifteen, or even sixty minutes each day to be creative. Studies show that creativity is actually incredibly beneficial to your mental and intellectual health. So set aside time for undirected, unscripted creative play — write, paint, sing, dance, make a bookcase, construct a charcuterie board, take photographs of your dog, anything!

2. Buy Yourself a Gift Subscription

Is there anything more delightful these days than receiving real, fun mail? A gift subscription will surprise you monthly with all types of fun goodies — and can even enhance your productivity, too. For example, consider a coffee bean subscription that sends you your daily dose of caffeine on a regular basis.

3. Reach Out to Someone You Love

Even something as simple as a text can boost your spirit — and theirs. You’ll get a little endorphin rush from the opened communication, and you’ll feel better after having made someone else’s day, too.

4. Invest in Cozy Loungewear

Autumn is the season for lounging, so give yourself a little incentive to take a lazy day every once in a while by tracking down flannel pajama pants or a sweet satin loungewear set.

While self-care is no easy task, by limiting yourself to just a few simple ideas, like the ones listed above, your journey will become a whole lot easier. Best of luck!