Have you ever asked yourself what band heaters are? Band heaters are ring-shaped devices for heating that hold a cylindrical element. They mostly clamp on the outside circumference of a component, though some clamp on the inside. Heat transfer occurs through the process of conduction from the band heater to the element. Band heaters have mineral or ceramic insulation to avoid loss of heat to the environment.

When selecting a band heater, you are required to analyze the specifications, features, and performance of different band heaters. You should consider parameters such as AC voltage, warts, and sheath temperature or maximum operation. Look out for a trusted and experienced company that will offer quality ceramic band heater and more with the best performance specifications.

Types of Band Heaters

Ceramic Band heaters

The ceramic band heaters contain stainless steel plates. It is not designed using the common wire-bending technique, though it uses a ceramic wire lacing technique. The output of ceramic band heaters is between 0.6 and 1.6 above the regular.

The outside shell is designed with a Japanese stainless steel plate. It is created with round silk imported clay, which is usually curved into flexible yellow shapes and imported in a ceramic ring. To avoid temperature leakage, use a hot insulation cotton plate.

The ceramic bar has fast-frequency pottery with quick heat conduction, which is strong and hard to break.

Characteristics of Ceramic Band Heaters

  • The key application of the ceramic band heater is extrusion molding and casting.
  • Downstroke mechanical tools’ working temperature is over 350 degrees
  • Its features are long-lasting with great heat resistance.
  • It is best suitable for extruders, film blowers, and plastic machines.

Advantages of Ceramic Band Heaters

The ceramic band heater has a quick heat transfer, flexible installation, and a great insulation layer. The manufacturing process doesn’t determine the specifications. The major advantages include:

  • They have high heat efficiency, high operational temperatures, a friendly environment, accurate heating, fast warming up, and a regular control system.
  • Simple to repair and install with a cost-effective application. The outside ceramic elements can be recycled even after the destruction of the internal material.
  • It has a great thermal, dielectric strength, long life, and a large surface area.

2. Mica Band Heater

A mica band heater is created with top-quality heating wire made of strong alloy, a heating device, a cable sheath designed with natural mica, and a plate made with strong stainless steel. A mica band heater is often designed by hardware to satisfy your specific needs as a layer of heat transmission.

The Mica band heater has a perfect surface of 2.3-3 watts. Customers should use, depending on the requirements of the production power type, regular temperature control techniques to manage every normal production power and long life for the heating coil.


The advantages of mica band heaters include:

  • It uses strong stainless steel metal to make the plate.

  • Black Mica is the raw material

  • It heats the container of plastic machines
  • It has a reasonable configuration, a beautiful appearance, and heating symmetry.
  • The heating pipe cools quickly.
  • It has a long life.
  • Has high-pressure endurance and great characteristics

Mica band heater’s main application is in plastic machines, extruders, and plastic-creating machines.

Select a band heater that matches your needs by checking its performance specifications. The specifications and advantages can help you determine which one suits your needs. There are many band heaters on the market. Make sure to choose properly.