A successfully ran warehouse is one that starts and stays organized. Not every storage space works well using traditional shelving methods. The cantilever system might be a better alternative for your inventory storage needs.

Makes Your Warehouse

Make it Easier for Employees to Locate, Store, and Retrieve Items

Warehouse cantilever racks offer a way of storing items that keeps everything visible and easy to locate at any time. The simple and solid design allows a forklift to access each item with less trouble, which makes it perfect for a busy warehouse. Items that are shipped in and out frequently are a breeze to handle using the cantilever system.

Save Labor and Damage Costs by Switching Away from Floor Stack Methods

The time involved in searching through stacks of items to find one particular SKU can increase your labor costs dramatically. It’s nearly impossible to keep a warehouse completely organized using the floor stack method. The more items are moved when hunting for particular items, the higher the risk is of damaging something in the process. Accidental damage from placing heavy items on top of less durable or fragile merchandise can also result in inventory losses.

Secure Odd-Shaped and Heavy Items

A standard shelving method of storage won’t work well for items that are awkward in shape, length, height, and weight. You can customize a cantilever system to fit your exact inventory and storage needs. The solid construction ensures that everything stays put, right where you need it to be.

Free Up Floor Space for Improved Maneuverability

Leaving behind the old floor stack storage method and switching to cantilever systems lets you free up a tremendous amount of floor space. Not only will you find it easier to maneuver between rows with carts and forklifts, but it reduces the chance that someone can trip and fall.

Better Overall Visibility in the Warehouse

Cantilever storage methods by Simply Racks will make your warehouse seem more open. Visibility is improved, which is essential for operating equipment like forklifts around employees. A highly-active warehouse needs the added benefits of improved visibility in the surroundings to reduce on-the-job injuries and accidental equipment or inventory damage.

Find out more about the advantages that await your warehouse and inventory space when switching to the cantilever system. Quickly create the exact amount of storage space you need.