As people age, bones become more brittle and likely to break. Falls, in particular, pose a dangerous threat. The unexpected drop could fracture a hip bone, making it impossible to walk. Because of the stress placed on this area of the body, a loss here could be quite painful and debilitating. Know the proper steps to help your family member get back to good health.

After a Hip Fracture

1. Seek Immediate Medical Help

It’s important that patients receive proper medical care as soon as possible. Call 911, and allow the hospital to perform any required tests x-rays should be taken, identifying the spot of the break. Depending on location, surgeons may take different actions. Screws can be used to put the pieces together again. If it is too shattered, replacement parts might be inserted instead. Both operations may restore mobility, but it takes time and effort to restore movement.

2. Find Proper Follow Up Care

After a bit in the hospital, rehab is usually needed. This may be done at a facility. The specialists tend to individual needs, helping them get back on their feet.

For people who prefer the comfort of the house, look into home health care agencies Bethesda MD. This path may be best for someone who desires quiet, one-on-one assistance and personal space.

3. Prepare the Home for a Return

Make the residence as safe as possible. First priority is to avoid future falls. Lighting should be good in all rooms. Chairs should be stable. Rugs and carpeting should be tacked down. Think about areas with excess moisture. These are slipping hazards. Rubber mats may be placed down, creating a better footing.

4. Encourage Proper Diet and Exercise

Consult with doctors and therapists about how to keep the body in the best shape. Think about eating foods high in calcium and vitamin D. Focus on bone strength. In addition, patients shouldn’t remain stagnant. Lack of movement could increase a risk of blood clots. Discuss the appropriate exercises.

Call for aid quickly, and listen to the experts. Those suffering from a hip break require medical attention and rest.