The Canon EOS 760D is an affordable DSLR in the package of a more high-end model. The Nikon D5500 and Pentax K-S2 each offer elements that beat the Canon EOS 760D, but this advanced feeling camera deserves to sit among them. It is the APS-C Canon DSLR to go for if you are interested in getting more involved with the company’s lens system.


Image Quality & Characteristics

One of the key generational amendments to the Canon EOS 760D over the 700D is an increase in the sensor res from 18 megapixels to 24. And this attained without altering the size of the sensor, both are APS-C-size. The Canon EOS 760D creates astounding photos with the right lens of it, which helps by the new 7,560-point metering engine. It is more sensitive than the less advanced 63 zone metering engine of the 700D, which is helping whether you are shooting in manual or full Auto.

Canon EOS 760D has exactly the same range as the 700D. Native ISO range is 100-12800, which can be extended to 25600, if you are desperate for the extra light sensitivity. The camera does not quite resolve the super fine detail that the Nikon D5500 manages. Nevertheless, it still renders far more detail at lower ISOs than the lower-res 700D.

Canon’s effectuation of wireless tech is great too. The Canon Connect app makes transferring images to a mobile phone/tablet easy, and it also offers plenty of control. As well as being able to remotely fire off the shutter, you can control exposure settings and choose the focus point from your phone.

Screen & Viewfinder

Canon is a company that likes to keep “consumer” features out of its pro and semi-pro cameras. And, in some respects, this is where the Canon EOS 760D benefits slightly from being classed as a lower-end model. The screen itself is largely the same as that seen in the Canon EOS 700D. It is a 3in Clear View II display with a 3:2 aspect, which mirrors the shape of the sensor. Resolution is 1,040k-dot, offering good sharpness. We also discovered a smart relationship between the screen and the viewfinder.


The Canon EOS 760D offers the ultimate solution for those ready to embrace a pro-style DSLR layout without the intimidating price.