With the budget of 2015, there has taken certain measures ensuring that real estate sector got some relief. Currently, India real estate sector is facing slowdown and some of the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc have piled up of inventory that could now take somewhat 36 months for clearing out, no more. When such is the situation, there needs a well strategize method for getting best deal from selling your house?

selling your house

If you have already decided to sell the house and eagerly waiting to make profit, there are some factors need to keep in mind when you move forward with marketing of your apartments in kochi for resale. Sometimes with urge to sell you can overdo or under do certain things and completely ignore some important strategies. It is common people doing mistakes that hamper their sale and also inviting negative feedbacks for your houses. Here are some of the mistakes sellers do that delays the process of selling their home. It is better to avoid them. You can use the following guidelines for avoiding the mistakes while selling your property in real estate Kochi.

1.      Overprice or under-price

The primary step you take is pricing on the way to sell your house. Higher price can make people wonder thinking what is so special about that place and don’t leave them disappointed if not worthy. While on the other side, if in more desperate you put low price then people may think any speculation about. Therefore research is very necessary about similar apartments in Delhi and the price fixed for it. You can do compare the price of home which comes under same category in terms of square feet, number of rooms and overall features. Real estate portals can help you in making the comparison correctly and show the price you put possess similar value or not.

2.      Doing cosmetic change

Always acknowledge one fact that any kind cosmetic changes made on your home like terrace garden otherwise modular kitchen is not going to give you higher price. Even you might have done these changes in accordance with your design sensibility. It may not appeal others or prospective buyers and think of to remodeling. Therefore try to be realistic somewhat, no need to include cost of these home décor with the price of your apartment.

3.      Not hiring an real estate agent

Even though real estate agents live high commission for their service but they try to sell the homes as their own. A professional agent can help you setting the right and competitive price for your house that can increase any odds coming in quick sale. They also can help in taking some high emotions out of this whole selling process by directly interacting with potential buyers. Therefore you don’t need to do so and eliminates tire kickers who just want o have a look at the property with no intention to put an offer.

An experienced agent can also help in negotiating with home sale that you can’t do properly and help you get best money than you could have own by yourself. Further, if some problem comes during this process they commonly a professional and experienced agent will handle it carefully for you. Lastly agent are much familiar with all its paperwork and any pitfalls involved in this transaction and help you to make sure whole process goes off smoothly.

4.      Don’t hold the property for too long

Never try to hold on the property for too long because it can reduce the cost. When one property is made ready to be available, generally it creates curiosity among the buyers for some weeks. Later if not sold out in some time then that home becomes less interested in homebuyers.