Nokia has announced the Nokia Sleep, a bed sensor that sits beneath your mattress to provide you with statistics about what you stand up to at the same time as subconscious. Like many of its opponents, the tool will record your sleep period, interruptions and the first-class of the close-eye you’re getting each night time. In addition, the pad integrates with IFTTT, letting you automate your smart home to perform in tandem along with your relaxation periods. If you’re having problem dozing, then you will also be entitled to try out an 8-week route on improving your sleep, designed by way of Dr. Christopher wintry weather.

Nokia Sleep Design

The Nokia Sleep is a sophisticated and versatile smart sleep monitoring pad that measures 24.4 x 7.4 x 0.2 inches and weighs around 9.6 oz.. As we can see from the photographs, this new tracking tool shows off a minimum and sleek appearance layout, and the extremely-thin shape issue and cloth outside allow it to flawlessly match below your mattress.


Nokia Sleep Features

The smart sleep tracking pad is designed to monitor your sleep cycles (deep, light & REM), track heart rate, detecting snoring. Based on the parameters, the tracker delivers an in-depth look about your sleep. Furthermore, its custom app also wakes you up or reminds you of sleeping at the right time according to your sleep parameters.

Moreover, in-app sleep coaching program helps you improve your sleep. The sleep tracker works with Amazon Alexa for effortless voice control. Using IFTTT integration, Nokia Sleep can act as a switch to control lights, thermostat and more.

Nokia Sleep Price

The Nokia Sleep smart sleep tracker is priced at $99.95 USD. You can purchase it on either Nokia’s website or through Amazon. If you are really interested in this new smart sleep tracking pad, then jump to¬†Amazon for its more details.