For those who like to listen to music no matter what they’re doing or where they’re going, carrying around a wireless speaker is the way to go. For the hi-fi enthusiasts, Bluetooth speakers keep the sound pure and booming. The speaker can pump out tunes to fill up huge spaces without breaking a sweat, and with 16 hours of play time, the party can go on all night long. Of course, not every speaker can accomplish these things. Only the Big Turtle Shell by Outdoor Tech has the technology and innovation to bring outdoor Bluetooth technology to thrill seekers. With incredible durability to withstand any condition and environment, these types of speakers can be taken anywhere at any time to create a constant musical paradise.

Functionality and Design

Wind? Water? No problem. Designed to endure the elements, these speakers can last through camping trips, hiking excursions, pool parties, river explorations, and much more. Outdoor addicts can place a speaker near the water or go out under rain clouds without having to worry about damage to the water resistant device. Not only do these speakers effortlessly withstand the obstacles of the outdoors, but they also provide easy controls for users. Incorporating a simple design with only four multifunctioning buttons, Bluetooth speaker usage is smooth sailing. Not to mention the two handles that make transportation painless and open up the possibility for mounting the speaker on the wall or hanging it from branches. The unassuming, sleek exterior design incorporates a minimalist style to suit the taste of anyone.

Not Just a Music Player

While these wireless speakers can emit beats like none other, any Bluetooth device can be connected to them. This includes phones, laptops, and tablets. A group of friends can watch a movie outdoors on a laptop and hear every line crystal clear. An individual can speak freely on the phone using the answer and hang up button. A tablet owner can game to unreal audio. The speakers can be used in the absence of Bluetooth too, as it also connects through stereo output and includes a headphone jack.

Indoors, outdoors, rain, or shine, these Bluetooth speakers have everything to make a good time better. People can enjoy nearly any activity to the sound of music. They can party, skateboard, camp, tube, and relax to tunes with hi-fi audio. The Outdoor Tech sound technology is made to be able to function anywhere. The Big Turtle Shell speakers have a large battery life, so the flawless audio bliss can keep coming and coming for hours of pumped up fun.