Residential real estate is any building or area that is developed for people to live in. Investing in residential real estate can involve single-family homes, vacation homes, or condominiums. The two main ways to profit from an investment are renting and flipping.

Real Estate Investment

While investments can be tricky, risks can be minimized. Networking with knowledgeable peers who know the area and can give advice about flood zones or other issues. They may also be able to recommend clients directly, or know about interesting marketing techniques like postcard ideas for real estate.


Purchasing a dwelling with the intention to rent it out can be an involved process. Make sure that the property falls within the correct price range. Any work that needs to be done should be taken into consideration before purchase. If the cost of bringing the house up to code is too high, a profit may not be seen for a very long time, or it may end up as a loss. Being a landlord may not be for everyone, but for those who have the right skills, it can be very rewarding to fix up a building and lease it to a tenant.


The process of purchasing a property with the intent to fix it up and sell it for a profit is known as flipping. The labor may take months to complete before the house can be sold, so if waiting is no problem, then flipping may be the perfect option. However, the profits gained can be substantial if the value of the home was improved enough through the developments.

Investing in residential real estate can be very profitable. Houses are plentiful in a variety of price ranges. By carefully vetting each dwelling, it is possible to find great deals that can bring in thousands of dollars in profits.