Nikon has a new PC Nikkor 19mm F/4E ED lens to add to the wide-end of its lineup. Which should have strong appeal with architecture and still life crowd. The lens offers 97-degree of coverage and is a perspective control lens that helps the architecture photographers attain straight lines free of the distortion, creative photographers get selective focus at a wide angle, and the landscape photographers compose panoramic images.

The new lens is also Nikon’s widest PC lens to date and should be a great opt for professional landscape, architectural, interior, and product photographers. Unique is the capability of adjusting the shift and tilt in opposite directions, enabling you to separate the two. Constructed with the three ED and two aspherical elements. This lens has Nikon’s Nano Crystal coating to reduce ghosts, flares, and other distortions. Which Nikon says that it’s even more important with this particular glass due to the bulbous design that extends outside the casing. This lens comes with a hood that doesn’t impede on the 97-degree angle-of-view. But it still blocks out the sun when needed. It also uses Nikon’s electromagnetic diaphragm for high accuracy during auto exposure, but it is entirely manual focus.


PC Nikkor 19mm F/4E ED

PC Nikkor 19mm F/4E ED Features:

  • A shift mechanism that the supports smooth perspective control without need for lock operation.
  • Adoption of a new ‘PC Rotation’ mechanism that enables users to freely set the direction of shift and tilt operation from parallel to perpendicular to each other
  • Superior optical performance that begins along with excellent resolution all the way to the edges of the frame. And making the most of high-pixel-count digital SLR camera capabilities.
  • When used with the cameras other than the D5, D4 series, D3 series, D810 series, D500, and Df, some combinations of shift and rotation may not be possible due to the fact that the lens comes into contact with camera body.
  • Adoption of the Nano Crystal Coat. Which enables sharp and clear images in which ghost and flare is effectively reduced with the superior antireflection characteristics.
  • Highly durable fluorine coat which effectively repels dust, grease, water. And dirt applied to the outer surface of the lens element at the extreme front of the lens.
  • The lens is equipped along with an electromagnetic aperture. It’s not compatible with D2- or D1 series, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70-series, D60, D50, D40 series, and D3000 digital SLR cameras, film SLR cameras, or Nikon 1 series cameras.