The Japanese Wacom tablet maker has relished the success of consistency within its range of graphics tablets and styluses. With its new device, the Bamboo Spark which has been revealed by Wacom is supposed to preserve the handwritten note at a time when it’s rapidly becoming purposeless.


The Bamboo Spark uses a smart case which includes an electromagnetic resonance sensor, which communicates with the included smart pen to record your strokes. Bamboo Spark synchronizes with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth by storing your scrabblings digitally for later access via the attendant app.

In order to see your handwritten notes digitize you will have to download the attendant app. But this is just as pain free as the physical setup. Once you have got the app it’s merely a matter of following the on screen instructions.

Once you have finished a page of notes, you just hit the button in the middle of the folio to store it before starting on the next page. To start making notes you do not need to do anything other than turn the device on. Even before you have synced a tablet or phone, the digital notebook can store up to 100 of your scrabblings.

Nonetheless, as you can see from the below comparison, the sensor is not peculiarly responsive by failing to recreate the lightest touches and making the difference between the two darkest lines almost identical.

It is worth creating an account if you want to access your creations from anywhere, as the Bamboo Spark will automatically sync notes to the cloud at the same time it transfers them to your device by allowing you to access them from any web browser.

You can also download the note from Inkspace in Wacom’s WILL file format which allows you to open it in the Bamboo Paper app; another addition to the host of services available for tinkering with your designs once they have been synced. Bamboo Paper allows you to further increase your notes with colors and various drawing tools.


The Bamboo Spark is amazingly built and not hard to use and specially a novel device which does what it promises.