In this day and age nearly all of us work on a computer and know how important it is to keep up to date and informed about new products and programs.  Just a quick look at the most recent Sony hack and you can understand how detrimental it can be if you fall behind and don’t stay ahead of the curve; and protected.  As your business grows and expands we at DABCC recognize the need for a quick source for the information and innovation you need to know about.  For the best and most interesting new products DABCC offers a variety of webinars for you and your company.

Presentation Systems

One of the ways that we suggest sharing these updates and improvements with your staff, and any other of your training, is to have a meeting and use a presentation system. With the growth in cloud computingpresentation systems are becoming increasingly engaging and offer a truly collaborative environment. The systems are often the quickest and most effective way of sharing new information so that you do not end up with some of your staff trained while the others trail behind.

With a presentation system you also can hold one or two larger meetings so that the entire company is trained quickly and effectively.  For example, all of your employees will be able to view one of our webinars from a large screen at the front of the room and in many cases can work right along with the presenter, depending on the particular webinar.  Our webinars are focused on being informative but easily understood so that even the most casual viewer can walk away from the meeting with a better knowledge of the subject they’re interested in.

One of the biggest issues with training is the boredom factor.  When discussions and presentations don’t move along quickly enough your audience will begin to lose focus meaning that they are leaving the meeting having missed at least part of the training they were there to learn.  With a proper presentation system your meeting will move along at a quick pace that will keep everyone intrigued and receptive.  In fact, a study conducted by the University of Washington states that when using a presentation system “57% of the respondents said it increased attention, and 33% said it made no change in attention.”  This means that more of your employees will leave with a greater understanding of what was being taught and you’ll end up with fewer misunderstandings and mistakes later.

The University of Leicester mentions these four items as essential to a good presentation:

  • It will grab your attention
  • Stimulate your imagination
  • Inspire your confidence
  • Develop your understanding

Steve, business technology expert at Videonations, states that “apresentation systemmakes it simple to conduct a meeting that will captivate audiences.When you have a meeting that works you’ll find that your audience leaves feeling confident and interested in the information that was presented.  They’ll discuss it on their way back to their desks and they’ll feel empowered and excited.”

Why settle for a standard meeting where everyone sits around a table scribbling on notepads so as not to miss anything important?  Why not have a meeting that is interactive and exciting while delivering the training you need it to?