Sony Electronics announced the SRG-300SE, the newest addition to its SRG high definition remote-operated camera line.The SRG series is designed to combine full high definition video capabilities with ease of use. Since the introduction of the SRG-120DH and SRG-300H pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras last fall, the SRG cameras have been widely adopted in a variety of applications including houses of worship, local government meetings, sporting events, healthcare and university classrooms.

The new SRG-300SE can simultaneously output 3G-SDI and live IP streaming content. The new camera features full HD (1080/60P) imaging, 30x optical zoom plus 12x digital zoom with a 65-degree viewing angle to produce H.264 IP video streaming with selectable bit rates. It also can simultaneously output 1920 x 1080/60p video over a single BNC cable through 3G-SDI that can run approximately 70m or more, easing installation and adding more flexibility to customer’s live production needs. Users also have an expanded menu of pre-set options from 16 up to 256.

Users can operate the camera either by industry-standard VISCA™ serial control or through an IP-based computer interface capable of remote operation through any Internet-connected computer. The SRG-300SE incorporates powerful, professional features that are simple to program and store. Its user-friendly menu is accessible via a web browser and allows for easy control of the camera’s PTZ movements. The easy-to-operate interface provides monitoring plus full access to A/V camera settings.

It is available in a black or white housing and can be mounted inverted from a ceiling or in normal desktop orientation. With the use of third-party environmental housing domes that are currently in development, the SRG-300SE can be used outdoors in the future.

Leveraging the Latest View-DR Technology with SRG Cameras

Like the previous SRG series cameras, the SRG-300SE incorporates Sony’s latest View-DR technology with its 1/2.8 Exmor™ CMOS sensor enabling the capture of high-quality images with an extended wide dynamic range, an essential feature for visual communication applications. View-DR technology produces clear, visible images in challenging lighting environments from strong sunlight to a dimly light room. View-DR brings out details even with extreme backlighting which can turn faces into shadowy figures in non-enhanced images. The camera can pan across and maintain visibility despite shifting from front-lit to back-lit views, for indoor and outdoor applications.

For example, in a typically low-lit teaching environment, the lecturer stands alongside a large, bright projection screen. View-DR technology ensures that both the presenter and the presentation materials are clearly visible so students can view both the material and facial expressions and gestures of the lecturer. The SRG-300SE can also be used in reality TV production, where there is a need to capture indoor scenes and then pan/tilt to a preset location outdoors without losing the talent’s facial expression.

Meeting the Demand for Capturing and Streaming Video Content
The SRG-300SE meets the growing demand for streaming and recording lectures for distance learning, corporate events, local government meetings, worship services, training, and other applications where content must be captured regularly in a set location without manual intervention.

“People expect to be able to attend events online, whether live or archived, and the SRG series makes capturing content simple and straightforward,” said Terry Huber, Sony Electronics’ Senior Marketing Manager, Remote Communications Group. “With the SRG-300SE, participants and event organizers can focus on the presentation without worrying about the production.”

The camera’s simultaneous 3G-SDI and live IP streaming capabilities are key advancements that translate into workflow efficiencies and cost savings. For example, students at off-site campuses can watch how surgeons in an OR perform a procedure. At a later date, they can review the full HD 1080/60p 3G-SDI video in more precise detail from the exact same camera angle.

New PMW-RX50 3G-SDI Portable Deck a Perfect Match for SRG-300SE Cameras

Sony’s new PMW-RX50 3G-SDI portable recorder is the perfect companion for both stationary and mobile recording setups with SRG-300SE camera. It incorporates a 3.5-inch LCD display, two SxS card slots, XLR audio inputs and built-in speaker. It is ideal for content viewing and instantaneous copying. An optional external USB hard disk drive adds capacity and flexibility to offload 1080/60p content recorded onto SxS memory card for archival purposes. The PMW-RX50 can record/playback 1080/60p signal over 3GSDI. A single BNC coaxial cable run is all that is needed to deliver the highest quality 1080p/content.

The SRG-300SE is scheduled for release in December 2014, with pricing to be announced. The PMW-RX50 portable recorder is planned to be available in October at a suggested list price of $6,250.