AFIXT has simply released a marketing campaign on KickStarter for their magnetic bottle holder. They have got added on Funded today to help carry their product to a much broader target audience and increase pledges.

Simple yet effective, the AFIXT is a magnetic sleeve that easily holds your bottle. additionally, it really works with bottles and shakers of nearly all shapes and sizes. providing a patent-pending design, the AFIXT offers industrial strength magnetic grip so that you can comfortable it to limitless objects. Likewise, its robust band is flexible and adjustable. Plus, it could deliver the load of nearly any size water bottle or shaker. ideal for gym goers, you don’t ought to worry about misplacing your water bottle or knocking it over in the course of your exercising. With the AFIXT, you could just connect it to any piece of device that’s within your reach. Other than the gym, this magnetic water bottle holder works almost anywhere, making hydrating easy and handy.

Afixt Magnetic Bottle Holder

Afixt Magnetic Bottle Holder Design

The Afixt is a easy yet effective water bottle holder. Its elastic strap measures 12 inches lengthy, and the magnetic holder is 2 x 2.25 inches. As we are able to see from the images, the holder sports a lightweight and ultra compact design, so that you can without problems take it anywhere with you, and it is available in a couple of colour alternatives to fulfill one-of-a-kind personal preferences.

The magnetic bottle holder comes with an elastic strap with adjustable velcro on the way to work with various water bottles, cans or even coffee cups. extra importantly, the injection molded housing of the holder capabilities a integrated powerful neodymium magnet, so you can effects attach your water bottle on any steel surface whether or not you are workout, gambling at the park, or have a BBQ outdoors just so you can without difficulty get entry to on your water bottle, preserving hydrated.

Afixt Magnetic Bottle Holder Price

The team behind Afixt is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $13 to preorder the magnetic bottle holder. It will be shipped in August 2018. But if you still want more efficient then this, then the Magnetic Beer Hangers Holder is the only one that’s just right, launched at sf tech events.