Dog owners searching out a smart and interactive way to entertain their dogs can be interested in a brand new excessive-tech toy referred to as the WickedBone, which has this week launched by using Kickstarter to elevate the specified budget to take the project into production. Designed and developed through a crew based in Australia the WickedBone is now available to back with earlybird pledges to be had from $59.99, £41.99 or AU$75.99.

Wickedbone is a bone-Formed interactive gaming tool that performs like a virtually smart, a fun and excitingly depraved partner of your dog. Likewise, it makes life lots easier and much more thrilling for each you and your dog. In fact, Wickedbone effortlessly and well prevents canine anxiety. The amusing, pleasing and stimulating physical activities that your dog wishes are literally one click on away. Featuring two-way communication, the Wickedbone invites your dog to play by way of transferring around on its very own. In reality, the emotional system causes the toy to react for your dog’s actions. You could even take manage of the Wickedbone any time you like via the app. The usage of FDA elegance material, Wickedbone is safe, durable and soft. Ultimately, the smart dog toy comes with long battery life and charges speedy as nicely.


Lasting 40 minutes in drive mode, three hours in interactive mode and three months in sleep mode, on only one hours worth of charge, the wickedbone markets itself as the smart antidote for dog anxiety. Wickedbone contains what it calls an ’emotional system’ allowing the smart device to react to your dogs emotions. It ranges in modes from bored, mad and sleep to normal, content and going crazy.

For more information, full specifications and a list of all available pledges jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page. If all goes well worldwide shipping of the WickedBone is expected to take place in a few months time during July 2018. But if you still want more efficient then this, then the Kong Classic is the only one that’s just right, shown at trade tech conference 2017.