Earlier than being overshadowed with the aid of the announcement of super smash Bros. Closing this week, one of the extra interesting releases from Nintendo this year centered across the release of its cardboard accent kits deemed Labo. And while the DIY STEAM-inspired sets have only been out for a few months, we’re now starting to see the first third-party versions rolling out.

It turned into handiest a rely of time before Switch accessory manufactuerur commenced moving into on the cardboard motion, with the folks over at Nyko debuting their new retro Acrade kit this past week at E3.

Nintendo debuted its cardboard construction sets with distinctive alternatives, the variety and robotic Kits. Each of them exhibit distinctive ways cardboard can work with your console. Nyko’s first strive at developing a cardboard accessory for the switch offers a special take and assembles inside the shape of an arcade cupboard. comprised of eight sheets of cardboard, the package stacks up to over 12-inches tall and completely houses your switch.


Nylon Retro Arcade Kit Design

The vintage arcade package is designed to carry arcade gaming enjoy in your Nintendo switch. As we can see from the photos, the finished advent looks like a compact arcade system that suggests off a traditional appearance design and pleasant detailing, and the use of included precut coloured stickers, you can create your personal custom pixel art at the cupboard.

Nylon Retro Arcade Kit Features

Similar with Nintendo Labo Cardboard Toy-Cons, the retro arcade kit contains several sheets of constructible cardboard pieces, and the precut pieces allows you to easily assemble them together, building a cardboard arcade cabinet. Of course, it needs to work with your Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is just slide your Switch into the cardboard cabinet, and two Jon-con holders firmly keep the Switch controllers in the top panel in order to bring you a realistic arcade gaming experience. Meanwhile, it supports two-player gaming, and the mechanical button mapping allows you to press the shoulder buttons on the joy-con just like traditional arcade buttons.

Nylon Retro Arcade Kit Price

Nyko retro arcade kit for Nintendo Switch is priced at $19.99 USD. If you are really interested in this new Arcade kit and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.