Parrot recently announced its new Parrot Swing Mini drones at company’s tech conventions. The Mini drone line serves as an excellent entry point for people looking to get into the hobby, with their smaller, less expensive, and extra toy-like designs as opposed to large and more high priced models like Parrot’s full-size Bebop 2 and Disco aircraft.

Parrot Swing Mini Flying Drone Design

The Swing is a uniquely designed mini drone that measures 5 x 13 x 5 inches and weighs 2.56 oz. As we are able to see from the pix, the drone suggests off a light-weight and minimalistic design, and it looks a chunk like an uncompleted X-Wing starfighter. there’s a mini frame within the center of the X-shaped wings, and optional colorings meet more personal alternatives.

Parrot Swing Mini Flying Drone

Parrot Swing Mini Flying Drone Features

The Swing mini drone functions a unique aircraft-like layout that can provide two flight mode: quad and aircraft. Similarly to the regular quadcopter mode, the drone can fly like a plane and it delivers speeds of up to 19mph within the aircraft mode, so you can experience excessive-pace flight racing along with your friends. In the meantime, the vertical take-off and landing mode make it reachable to all drone pilots. The blanketed Parrot Flypad works with your phone for a easy and intuitive control enjoy. In addition, its 500mAh rechargeable battery offers up to eight and half-hour of flight time in plane mode or 7 minutes in quad mode.

Parrot Swing Mini Flying Drone Price

The Swing mini flying drone is priced at $54.8 USD. And already available for sale in various online store so get go and grab it. If you are interested in this mini drone, then jump to Amazon for its more details.