Philips announced the newest addition to its Hue line of lights and accessories, debuting the new Philips Hue Motion Sensor. The new Hue Motion Sensor is designed to allow Philips Hue users to control their lights automatically as they move through their homes. This is, of course, a very standard add-on for home lighting — which is what makes its addition to the Hue lineup so important.

Philips Hue Motion Sensor Features:

The device is self-explanatory, but it really comes to life when it paired with the Hue app. This motion sensor can be placed anywhere to control up to two rooms of lights. It has a motion detection range of 5 meters, or 16.5 feet, so whenever you walks near it, lights turn on. While you could set motion sensor just to control. Say, the bathroom lights so you do not have to fumble for a switch in the middle of night. You can also set the switch to turn on both the hallway and bathroom lights so your entire night time trip to the can is illuminated. While the motion sensor has limited field-of-motion detection. It can control the lights in any part of the home. So walking through your front door could trigger upstairs bedroom lights to turn on.


Philips Hue Motion Sensor

The addition of the motion sensor is in line with the Philips’ goal of making smart lighting as easy as possible for customer to use. The most obvious way of the controlling a Philips smart lighting system is through the Phillip Hue app. But the company has added support for the Amazon Alexa voice control. And there is an Apple TV app to manipulate lights, too. While having so many opts could confuse some people. Philips is hoping that it’ll encourage most users to make their smart lights work for them by just letting them decide which way they really prefer to interact with them.

Philips’ Hue Motion Sensor Price:

Sensor is priced at $39.95. And it’ll be available from the Philips Hue website, Best Buy, and Starting in October of 2016. The Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 bulbs and the GU-10 and new BR-30 bulb variants will also be available in October.