There probably haven’t been regularly for your life that you got super excited about a lamp, but you might locate that this is one of these instances. Behold the consideration that is the legit Nintendo Super Mario Chain Chomp lamp.

The Chain Chomp’s head can swivel, so that you are free to direct the light where you need it. The light source is a 60 Lumens LED bulb – which is good. But if you want above this lamp, then we recommend Adesso Trinity Arc Lamp that was launch at san francisco tech conferences.

Super Mario Chain Chomp LED Lamp Design

That is an officially licensed and quite cool LED table lamp inspired by way of awesome Mario Bros online game series. The lamp measures 10″ deep by 18-3/4″ tall by using 6″ wide with 5″ cube base and weighs 6-half of lbs. As shown in the photographs, the LED lamp looks as if Chain Chomp, a sort of regular enemies who usually need to take a chunk of Mario or Luigi in Mushroom nation. The Chain Chomp head formed lampshade functions accurate detailing, and the big, tooth-filled mouth looks like being ready any scrumptious meals.

Super Mario Chain Chomp LED Lamp

Super Mario Chain Chomp LED Lamp Features

The Chain Chomp LED lamp comes equipped with a 60-lumen LED bulb that’s rated at a minimum of 30,000 hours. The well-crafted chain connects with the lampshade and a brown base, and the bead swivels and pivots in order to direct the beam just where you need it. Moreover, the base stably keeps the creature standing on your desk. Using inline on/off switch, you can easily control the large-size Chain Chomp.

Super Mario Chain Chomp LED Lamp Specs

Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp
Officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. merchandise
A ThinkGeek creation
Task light looks just like a Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros.
Head swivels and pivots for directed angle of light
(Chain itself does not move – it’s welded steel)
Includes 60 Lumens LED bulb (non-replaceable)
(Bulb is rated at a minimum of 30,000 hours)
(Which means if you had it on for 6 hours every day, it’d last for over 13 years)
Power cord has inline on/off switch
Dimensions: 10″ deep x 18 3/4″ tall x 6″ wide with 5″ cube base
6′ long USB power cable with 100 – 240V 50/60Hz AC adapter with Type A electrical plug
Weight: 6 1/2 lbs.

Super Mario Chain Chomp LED Lamp Price

The Super Mario Chain Chomp LED lamp is priced at $49. If you are still interested in this chain Chomp LED smart lamp, then simply jump to ThinkGeek for its more details.