If you’re like most people, your smartphone contains some of the most important information in your life. It’s what you use to remember phone numbers and email addresses. It knows your passwords and account numbers. In many cases, losing a smartphone is worse than losing a wallet.

Considering how valuable your smartphone is, it makes sense to buy a waterproof case that will keep it safe. You’re just one mistake away from dropping your phone in the toilet or jumping into a pool before you remember to empty your pockets. Not all smartphone cases work as well as others, so focus on these four. They’re some of the best designs you can buy.

Catalyst Case

Catalyst Case

Catalyst makes cases only for Apple devices. If you want to protect the retina display of smartphones like T-Mobile’s iPhone 5S, you can’t go wrong with Catalyst. These cases are surprisingly slim, so they won’t take up too much room in your bag or pocket. Plus, the iPhone 5S case weighs a mere 1.34 ounces, so it will never weigh you down.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Catalyst’s small size makes it less protective. The cases are tested to withstand at least five meters of water pressure, they have the highest rating (IP-68) for both water and dust, and they meet the military’s standards for drops and shocks.

A Catalyst case is strong enough to protect your phone even if it hits concrete and bounces into a pool. Most people would freak out when that happens. With the Catalyst, you just shrug and retrieve your phone from the bottom of the pool.

Lunatik Taktik Extreme

Lunatik makes several waterproof smartphone cases. Its Taktik Extreme case, however, stands out as the most robust option. This case’s strength comes from its materials. Lunatik uses Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the screen. The case also has aluminum port covers to keep water and dust out of your phone’s inputs. Lunatik even uses PVD-coated steel screws that won’t rust and expose your smartphone to water.

Like the Catalyst case, Lunatik’s exceeds military drop protection standards. It is, however, a little bulkier than the Catalyst. If that doesn’t bother you, then the Tiktak Extreme is a great option for keeping your smartphone safe.

Hitcase Pro

If you’re into extreme sports or if you just take pictures of athletes who participate in extreme sports, then the Hitcase Pro is probably the best smartphone case for you. The case is intentionally designed so that you can take pictures in rough or wet environments.

To make that possible, the Hitcase gives this model a shockproof design that can withstand drops as far as six feet. It’s also waterproof up to 10 meters, and it has interchangeable lenses that let you snap the perfect image. The Hitcase Pro even has a railslide mounting system so that you can attach it to a helmet, vehicle, or other equipped products.

The Hitcase Pro also has a quick latch design that makes it easy to remove your phone when you need to. The company says it only takes three minutes to put it in or take it out of the case. Considering that the waterproof screen protector lets you call, text, and use other smartphone functions, though, you probably won’t need to remove it very often.

Dry Pak

Technically Dry Pak isn’t a phone case, but it’s still a cool product that’s worth knowing about. Dry Pak is a waterproof bag that will protect your smartphone from moisture. It’s suitable for when you’re hanging out on the beach or taking a kayaking trip. It doesn’t offer any drop protection, though, so you need to keep it in a secure place. After all, it’s little more than a really solid plastic bag that offers protection from water.

There are a lot of smartphone cases that claim to protect devices from water, dust, and drops. Make sure the design you choose has been tested to give you the features you need. You don’t want to spend money on a case that lets you down.