The HP Envy Note 8, HP’s latest stylus focused tablet. In spite of a bizarre keyboard and middling specifications. The HP Envy Note 8 is a run of the mill, 8 inch tablet. Built with a plastic frame and a 1,920 x 1,200 res display, it ins’t as premium as some other slates.


HP Envy Note 8 is not actuall blind blowing either. The slate comes outfitted with a 1.44GHz Intel Atom x5 Z8300 processor, plus 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. On the camera front, the slate also has a 5 MP rear shooter and 2MP, front facing webcam.

The Envy Note 8 lacks a premium feel, it is massive, all aluminum keyboard more than makes up for this. The keyboard itself is bigger than the tablet, apparently meant for something closer to a 10-inch tablet instead of an 8 inch device.

Typing on it feels even better than some of HP’s smaller laptops, like the Pavilion x2, thanks to its full sized keys and an available 1.5-mm of key travel. And, there is even a properly sized 9.8 x 34.8-mm trackpad.

HP’s notes app will also automatically log what you were doing at the time whether it was watching a YouTube video, visiting a website or working on a document. When you touch the optional stylus to the screen while holding the side buttons, it spawns a radial menu letting you access quick shortcuts.

Options like turning on the camera, select, cut, copy and paste options and, of course, taking notes all appear immediately. It is sounds like a simple, slightly amendment.

But it saves you the headaches and annoying process of recording everything you were doing at the time for context. Even better, the HP Notes app will also import everything from your OneNote and Evernote accounts.

The HP Envy Note 8 surely is not the iPad mini killer, and it is nowhere nearly as premium as some big name tablets, like the Google Pixel C.