Samsung is not going to shy from experimenting with smartphones to both push the envelope as well as be the first in the market. Their most awaited innovation is, of course, the promise of a full foldable smartphone. That might come really soon, and based on this recently unearthed Samsung patent for what is being nicknamed the ‘Galaxy X’or ‘Project Valley.’ Aesthetically, though, it mightn’t be as impressive, it looking less like a smartphone and more like the love child of a Motorola RAZR and a Microsoft Surface Book hinge.



A fresh patent application has surfaced that appears to give us the best look yet at what a foldable Samsung smartphone might look like. The document, filed with Korea Intellectual Property Office earlier this year, picked up by Galaxy Club, depicts a long and narrow Samsung handset with a flexible seam in the middle that enables it to be folded in on itself, much like a flip-smartphone. Not only that, but the patent describes a device ‘that can be folded and unfolded semi-automatically’.

The Galaxy X is expected to land sometime in 2017, although they already has its hands full prepping the upcoming Galaxy S8, not to mention dealing with the fallout of the Note 7 catastrophe. That said, a flexible smartphone might be just what the company needs to take attention away from its exploding ones.

Samsung’s latest quarterly earning revealed plans to ensure its next flagship smartphone features ‘differentiated design and also innovative features.’ This phrase could specifically be referring to the upcoming Galaxy S8 and its lack of a home button, and the inclusion of a digital assistant.