As technology becomes increasingly more prevalent in our everyday lives it also has become embedded into the fabric of many different industries. Not only are our personal lives becoming more digitized, but entire industries are transitioning from traditional means of operating their businesses to digitizing large swaths of their business structure. This has become increasingly prevalent as businesses are forced to digitize in order to survive during economic recessions. The most recent recession caused by the COVID-19 virus caused a dramatic increase in the number of technological roles necessary to sustain industries during lockdown, and the unprecedented unemployment rate will only increase the demand for a rapidly digitized economy.

There are three industries that will see a dramatic increase in the need for technical and skilled jobs as the economy gradually reopens and we enter what some call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

3 Industries Increasing Digitization

Healthcare & Medicine

Medical care is critical to every growing economy, and the technological demands of the medical industry will only continue to climb. As technology continues to become more closely tied to how individuals navigate society, this is no different when it comes to their health. Remote patient monitoring vendors are changing the game in the health industry by digitally servicing their patients using actual data that increases care and results. For patients, this can create a dramatic difference in how they think about their own health and the accessibility of tools and information available at their fingertips. These tools will dramatically increase the number of remote patient monitoring companies that will help people get healthier and may make life-changing care a reality.


One of the most fundamental ways in which an economy can see dramatic results after a recession is to increase access to education and educational tools. After the lockdown spurred by the pandemic shut down many schools, the need for digitized educational materials and platforms dramatically increased. One of the most fundamental resources that was lacking during this time was the digital literacy needed to create a sustainable relationship between students and teachers. Many different companies are now trying to fulfill that need so that teachers can keep up with the increasing technological demands of education, and create an educational environment for their students that is necessary for the growing economy.


The shift in digital access to goods has seen a huge increase just within the last ten years. Making shopping more accessible is one of the most common trends seen in this industry, and it will only increase as society’s needs focus on demand. With the prevalence of lockdown, many industries ramped-up their digital efforts and made purchasing goods, including groceries much more accessible from home.