Old Computer

If you are thinking about upgrading to a new computer, you might be wondering what can be done with the old one. Before you put it in a bag and stuff it in the back of your closet, check out these four things that you can do with an old computer.

Pass it On

Your old laptop or PC might not fit your needs anymore, but it might be useful to someone else who needs a computer. Check and see if you have a friend, relative, or even a classmate or coworker who needs a computer. You can also consider donating the computer to an organization in your local area.

Get Some Cash

If your computer is still in great condition, you can sell it and make some cash. You can make a listing online on various sites so numerous people can view it. Or you can advertise it in your local community if you want to stay in your neighborhood. Talk to people in your vicinity, at your school, workplace or local religious center to see if someone wants to buy your computer. Make sure you know how to remove your data from the computer before selling it. This is for privacy and security reasons.


What can you do if your computer is beyond good use or no longer works? Do not throw it in the trash because this could be hazardous to the environment. You can take the hassle out of figuring out what to do by sending the device to a computer recycling company. An organization that takes care of electronic waste will ensure that your old PC or laptop is properly disposed of.

Turn it Into a Communal Computer

If you find yourself entertaining occasional guests and your device still works, set it up as a guest computer for light use. You can also set it up in a communal living space like the living room or even the kitchen. This gives everyone in the household access to a computer to quickly lookup things like email or perform a quick web search.

Even though you have gotten a new computer, you can always put your old device to good use. If you do not want it anymore, pass it on to a friend or relative or donate it. If you want to get rid of it, sell it or recycle your laptop or PC. If you want to keep it, use it as a communal device that is available to everyone in your household.