Processing payments on your eCommerce site is of vital importance. It will directly affect your overhead costs while altering your profit margins at the end of the month. Paying too much to accept credit and debit cards can influence your prices which could drive away potential sales. When selecting the best payment method for your online shopping cart software, there are several important key factors you need to consider.

Good Payment Processing

Monthly Fees

Some card processing companies require a monthly “maintenance” fee. If you don’t process any credit or debit orders, you still need to pay this mandatory amount. Organizations that don’t have monthly fees are more ideal as it means you don’t pay anything unless you sell something. Even if your website doesn’t have a single visitor for six months, you won’t have to pay upkeep to process credit or debit cards.

Setup Fees

Setup fees are way that some processing companies bleed money from your account. In reality, most online setups require very little effort as most of it is automated by the processing company’s server software. Always read the fine print as some organizations may try to hide these amounts from you when initially signing up for an account.

Cancellation Fees

A cancellation can be just as automated as a setup. This fee ensures the processing company that it will receive money when you try to leave their services. In some situations, sellers can feel trapped as these fees can be exceptionally high. Try to avoid companies that require a cancellation fee. It may protect you should you decide to shut down your eCommerce site.

Quick Payment Deposits

A processing company that offers quick processing of payments is ideal in the world of retail. You don’t want the money your site earned sitting in limbo for extended periods of time. A fast turn-around with the deposits in the bank can make sure your inventory is stocked and your bills are paid.

System Acceptance

When signing up for card processing, make sure that it supports various systems. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are among some of the most popular platforms. However, additional support for other systems can prevent alienating customers. Not everyone has the same type of credit or debit cards, and it could lead to lost sales if you don’t accommodate individuals such as those who belong to American Epress.

Secure Transactions

Protecting your money and your customer’s information is of vital concern when hosting an eCommerce website. The payment processing capabilities need to be PCI compliant and protected from information hijacking. Displaying the badges of organizations that verify security can also encourage sales as many people are more likely to spend money with a website that offers such protection.

You need to have a degree of trust when it comes to your payment processing company. When you’re dealing in volume, you need the cash to be available in order to resupply your inventory. Consider your options carefully and get the most money out of each of your sales. It is vital to the continued success of your business.