Before you make a decision about to use or discard using a shared hosting option, it is essential to understand both the benefits and drawbacks of the service. Shared hosting is the most common form you will find. Companies like BlueHost, Fatcow, WebHostingPad – they all offer shared web hosting servicesn. The resources on the shared hosting server will get divided between every website using the server. That means your website is using one chunk of the memory, space, bandwidth and processor speed offered by the server while many other websites are drawing on the same resources.

Shared Hosting is the most economical way of web hosting a site because expenses per machine are covered by more users. Due to favorable ratios these savings trickle down to the customer.


Shared Web Hosting

Benefits Of Shared Hosting Plan

Low cost – The fact that shared web hosting is usually offered at extremely an affordable rate is perhaps its biggest advantage. With as little as $10, you can get benefit from shared hosting services.

Simplicity – Shared Web Hosting saves time and headaches because somebody else is taking care of the server’s maintenance, therefore it’s the preferred choice for smaller web sites.

You get to be provided along with a cPanel or other user-friendly application that are designed to make website management easy.

Drawbacks Of Shared Hosting Plan

System Crashes – In Shared hosting, system or Server crashes still remains a problem. If the load of so many websites is there on the server, it can crash.

Performance Problem – Performance can also be a problem. User share their server components with another user. So server component cant provide great performance.

Security – With cybercrime rising on a daily basis, it’s necessary to ensure that your website is secured. Unfortunately, security is another critical aspect in shared hosting. Perhaps this issue has been accelerated by the freedom webmasters receive from web hosting companies.

Any malicious activity that server suffers affects the whole network of websites using the server.