In this advanced world of technology if you are thinking that you are saving some money using the old timesheet management methods such as the paper timesheets then you are totally wrong. It looks a little obvious that you are not spending any money monthly over your paper time sheets but there are some hidden expenses associated with the paper timesheets as compared to electronic ways of tracking time for employees which has some hidden savings. Following are some of the reasons you should switch to time sheet software if you haven’t already. Find out more on timesheet management software if you are interested.

Time Sheet Software

  1. Handling Times:

Paper time sheet management takes a lot of time and also has a lot of troubles. What if your employee forgets to submit his/her time sheet? There are a lot of other reasons which makes paper time sheet management a time consuming task as compared to using time sheet software. With this you can eliminate all the printing and walking time. Walking time refers to your personal work such as walking your written time sheets towards the supervisor, walking towards the printer and spending time finding the delinquent worker.

  1. Troubles Of Double Entry:

Once you fill your paper time sheets, you have to copy the information to some kind of accounting program or a spread sheet. This can cause serious troubles for company as mistakes can be made while re-entering the data. Once a mistake is made, it can cost you a lot of time and effort to find it.

On the other hand, if you use timesheet management software, you just have to enter the data only once and all your information is directly synced to the company records. It is completely free from re-entry mistakes.

  1. Pricing:

Paper timesheets can be costly as this costs you ink, paper and other stuff. This might look very less but if your company has hundreds of employees, then this can cost you some serious money.

Time sheet management software is billed on monthly basis per employee. A lot of options of software are done online so there isn’t any need to buy servers or other software. Most of the famous companies consider timesheet management software cheaper than the old and time taking paper time sheets.

These were some obvious benefits of using timesheet management software. Now it’s up to you which form do you still want to choose for your company.