Corsair new chassis which is called ‘Bulldog’ has with 4K technology gaming and tremendous cooling system in it as well been announced and released, while remaining compact and stylish, and without compromising on what components you can use and how upgrade-able it is.



Styling And Characteristics

The styling, on the other hand, is less likely to fit in with your other AV kit. It has the premium brushed aluminium you’d expect but the use of red and the mass of angular bits means it still looks well and truly like a gaming PC. Corsair has said, though, that it might tweak the design and at the very least offer a choice of colors instead of the red. The Bulldog is a mini-ITX PC case and these do tend to come small, but for one meant to be used with the latest high-end graphics card its dimensions are impressive. It’s only around 10-cm tall, by 30-cm square, which means it should fairly easily fit on most TV cabinets alongside your other AV equipment. The key to its compact design is that it uses a custom low-profile liquid cooler for the CPU and a PCI-E cable to mount the graphics card on its side. The result is that it’s much closer to the size of an Xbox One than a typical desktop PC. There are a couple of obvious compromises to allow for such a powder compact unit. For a start, there’s no optical disc drive so this can’t act as your main DVD/Blu-ray player as well as a games machine.

Cooling System Of Bulldog Corsair

The CPU cooler will come with all versions of the Bulldog but those willing to spend a little more can also grab the HG-10 liquid cooler for their graphics card. It’s designed to fit in the Bulldog but will also work in other systems. It combines both a fan and a liquid cooler to wick heat away, with the former used to keep the cards power circuitry cool. When mounted in the Bulldog, the HG-10’s radiator or fan assembly is situated behind the power supply where it blasts the hot air down and out of the case. If you’re using a habitual air-cooled graphics card the hot air is simply exhausted out the back of the card as usual. The final cooling elements are the PSU’s fan and there’s one system fan that pulls in cool air from the side of the case and blows it over the general motherboard or CPU area.


Overall, we’re really looking forward to seeing just what the Bulldog can do when it arrives towards the end of the year.