The carts, tables, gurneys, and other equipment that you use around your facility are crucial to your everyday function and productivity. When one of these items stops working, you may realize quickly how important it is to your business.


When the repair involves a relatively minor task like replacing one of the casters, you might wonder where you can find the exact make and model that you need. Rather than shop at local parts stores or send the equipment off to a repair shop, you can get casters in models like V-groove, cast iron, gate wheel, and other models when you shop online today.

Search Filters

If you are new to shopping for industrial parts, you might not know in what makes and models they are available. The only thing you know is that the part missing on the equipment right now helps it roll and balance its weight.

The website is set up to make shopping for these parts and more simple and easy. Even if you are a complete novice in picking out casters, you can find the items you need without a lot of effort.

The site offers filters that allow you to narrow in on casters that are a certain size and height, for example. You can measure the caster on the cart, gurney, or other piece of equipment that needs to be repaired. Using those measurements, you can then shop for one that is the same or similar in diameter and height.

You can also use the filters on the left hand side of the page to focus on the function for which the new caster will be used. For example, if you need casters to place on a baker’s rack, you can click on the appropriate category on the website to find those that suit that purpose.


As you shop, you may need to keep your budget in mind. You may not have a lot to spend on the total purchase and need to view those that are lowest in cost first.

Using the drop down menu at the top of the page, you can filter the page to display the casters that are the least expensive. Alternatively, you could use the same drop down menu to view those items that are highest in price first.

The website displays the pricing for its selections under the picture of each caster for sale. You know exactly how much your purchase will cost before you get to the checkout process.

Once you make your selection of items, you may then want to preview how they are used and how they can be attached to the equipment. The website offers how-to videos for shoppers. These videos help o make more informed shopping decisions.

If you anticipate making several purchases from the website, you might want to sign up for the company’s newsletter. The newsletter gives you previews of items coming up for sales. You also may be included in mailers for discounts and savings opportunities.

Shopping for casters and other industrial repair parts does not have to be a time consuming or complicated task. Even if you are new to shopping for these items, you can still get the casters you need for your equipment. You can use the search filters, newsletter, and other resources to get information you need when shopping on the website.