You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for a mobile app for integrated dealer systems. These systems are designed with the consumer in mind, making life easier for busy car dealers. But before you make your purchase, make sure you know the facts. These facts can help you make the right decision.


Mobile app

Mobile apps for integrated dealer systems have several benefits for car dealers. Not only do they streamline the sales process, but they can also help manage the dealership’s supply chain. They include features like dealer management, sales force tracking, mobile-based ordering, custom reporting, and route management. For example, with a route management app, the sales team can better plan and execute routes, generate accurate month-end commission reports, and optimize their distribution networks.

Integrated dealer systems can help auto dealers increase service department visits. A recent study by DMEautomotive examined more than 307 dealerships of various brands, store sizes, and geographic regions and found that dealerships with a mobile app experienced a 25 percent increase in service department visits. However, many dealership service departments still visit less frequently than automakers recommend.

A mobile app for integrated dealer systems can also keep track of vehicle warranty information. If the warranty expires, it will notify the customer. In addition, an integrated dealer system can help a dealership manage appointments and customer relationships. It also makes dealerships available to customers 24 hours a day. The system also lets dealerships know their profitability percentage and performance trends.

A mobile app for integrated dealer systems gives customers a convenient and quick way to access information on their smartphones. Customers can view inventory, schedule service appointments, and complete financing applications. They can even find out if there are any inventory shortages.

Integrated Dealer Systems

Integrated dealer systems (IDS) are software applications that allow a dealership to manage its business better. For example, you can use an IDS system to track the performance of your sales and service departments. But, with IDS, you can go deeper than sales and service metrics. IDS can give you a complete understanding of your customers and their past interactions with your dealership.

DealerCenter is an integrated mobile and web-based software solution that combines all the tools needed for a dealership to run smoothly. Integrated functionality improves customer management and makes daily operations easier. Its features include 360-deg video and photo production, internet lead management, personalized documents, and built-in communications with SMS.

Integrated Dealer Systems mobile app

A dealership mobile app is a convenient way to access data from the dealership. It lets users access inventory, credit applications, vehicle history reports, and more. It also includes a management menu. The app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Users can search and edit inventory, chat with customers, and market vehicles.

The IDS Astra mobile app is fully integrated with the IDS Astra dealer management system. The app is compatible with the most up-to-date Apple mobile devices. The app allows technicians to work faster and more efficiently. Using the app, technicians can quickly move from one job to another, take relevant pictures, and process payments more quickly.

Customers can pay for services using their mobile devices and desktop computers. They can also view and schedule service appointments and call roadside assistance. The mobile app also allows dealers to reward prospective customers for trade-ins. They can also leverage social media to target prospects and influence buying decisions with automated promotions. In addition, an Integrated Dealer Systems mobile app dashboard provides comprehensive analytics on user behavior.