The amount of great content on Netflix just seems to grow daily, and alongside their enormous selection of movies and TV shows they have now also started producing content of their own. Having all of that content just a few clicks away should leave you with no shortage of things to watch – but what if your internet connection isn’t active for some reason?

download Netflix movies

That is the only (and probably only) downside of Netflix videos. Because they are streamed, they require a constant internet connection and there is no option available to save them and watch them offline. However that being said with a bit of assistance from Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can actually do just that.

Essentially you will be able to download Netflix movies by recording them directly from your screen and then saving them onto your hard drive. As screen capture software, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will help you to do that with just a few simple steps:

  1. Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and select the ‘Capture Screen’ option in the main menu.
  2. Set the capture frame (i.e. the yellow frame) to encompass the Netflix video that you want to record – or select the entire screen if that’s the case.
  3. Check that the ‘System Audio’ icon has a green tick and click it once so that the tick appears if it isn’t already there.
  4. Start the recording by pressing ‘REC’ and play the video at the same time.
  5. Stop the recording when it is done by pressing ‘Stop’ and then ‘Save’ to save it.

While that is really all you need to do to save Netflix videos so that you can watch them offline, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has some other features that may be invaluable too. It is able to cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, add audio tracks, insert customizable text, apply special effects and filters, and much more.

For the time being, you may want to get started by trimming out any unwanted parts that were inadvertently recorded along with the Netflix video. Normally that may be at the start and the end of the recording. After that, you can play around with the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio and start to become more familiar with them.

Now that you know how to record Netflix videos and save them with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can store them and watch them offline at your leisure. In fact, you could even transfer them to other devices – which will increase your options further.