Apple has abruptly announced the next version of its Mac operating system: Sierra. Of course, the real change is that, after 15 years, Apple has finally ditched the “OS X” moniker. All things old are new again, and the new operating sys will simply be called ‘macOS’.

macOS Sierra includes some impressive new capabilities, including Siri, an automatic unlocking feature, new iCloud integration, universal Clipboard support, Apple Pay for the web, and more.

For starters, Apple is bringing Siri to the Mac, for giving users hands-free access to their computer. There’s a new feature called Auto Unlock too, that allow you to unlock your Mac with via an Apple Watch.

macOS Sierra

Siri on the Mac is accessible through dedicated icons on the dock or the menu bar and it will features functionality unique to the Mac like the ability to search through documents to find specific files and an opt to pin search results to the Notification Center or drop them into files. Siri can do things like search through Photos, make phone calls, set reminders, add meetings to calendars, initiate FaceTime calls, and more.

macOS Sierra will be available as a free software update for compatible MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro models in the fall.

There are also changes coming to iCloud Drive. Your desktop folder and files folder will now be visible on other Macs and iOS devices. macOS will optimize storage in concert with iCloud Drive, it moving your older documents from your hard drive to the cloud. This includes full-resolution photos and movies. It will automatically delete your trash, old mail attachments, and more if your want.

One other major feature coming in macOS Sierra is Apple Pay for the web, which enables you to tap an Apple Pay button on a website, then authenticate the payment on your Apple Watch or with the Touch ID on your iPhone.

Sierra will be available to developers and will have a public beta in July. The operating sys is set for a fall 2016 general release.