Expert gamers have a tendency to apply wired mice because of their better polling charge and decrease input lag. For decades main makers of mice have advanced their wireless mice for game enthusiasts, but the ones of them who play professionally nevertheless use wired devices. Logitech this week introduced its new wired-free mouse that makes use of the organization’s contemporary excessive-precision sensor along side its Lightspeed wired-free tech.

Logitech positions the Pro wireless as a mouse designed through gamers themselves, and the company collaborated with greater than 50 pro game enthusiasts in shaping the new mouse. The designers went thru extra than a dozen designs, taking on two years to provide you with something that looks remarkably uncomplicated, in particular for gaming equipment. The pro wireless is ambidextrous and it has detachable side buttons — so that you could have them at the interior of your grip, regardless of which hand you’re using the mouse with. Through request, the DPI toggle adjustment has been moved to the lowest of the mouse to eliminate the risk of it being hit by chance throughout a especially intense digital battle.


Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Features

In terms of tough specifications, Logitech is introducing a new Hero 16K sensor, which, as typical, is alleged to be the organization’s best ever. It is going from 100 to 16,000 DPI and can music actions at a charge of more than four hundred inches in line with second (IPS). The preceding excessive mark for Logitech turned into 384 IPS, and apparently the agency’s measuring rig can handiest check as much as 400 IPS, so the velocity and responsiveness of this sensor are actually off the charts. Logitech also claims a 10x development in power performance with this new wireless mouse, rate the battery within the pro wireless to ultimate for 48 hours on a charge. Whilst that runs out, you may use the provided cable to tether and charge the mouse, or, instead, you could pair this mouse with one in all Logitech’s fans wireless-charging mouse pads and in no way fear about charging it again.

In addition to introducing its G Pro wireless gaming mouse, Logitech also upgraded its G Pro wired gaming mouse with the HERO 16K sensor and a new cable.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Price

Both new Logitech G Pro mice will ship shortly and will be available this month. The wireless model will cost $149.99, whereas the new wired mouse will be priced at $69.99.