Gone are the days of sluggish internet. Today, fiber construction enables fiber optic cables to transmit information with lightning speed. The next generation of fiber construction is ushering in a new age for technology.

Thanks to improved fiber construction, migrating your business to the cloud makes more sense than ever before. That’s a good thing because remote work and greater network flexibility is also the wave of the future.

Next Generation of Fiber

This short guide is a simple break down, explaining the construction and benefits of fiber optics.

Fiber Construction and the Power of 5G

There are five basic parts to fiber construction:

  • Core
  • Cladding
  • Coating
  • Strengthening fibers
  • Cable jacket

These parts work together to transmit light over fine glass filaments. The result is that they can send and receive information at incredible speeds. The core is a single strand of purified plastic or glass that sends and receives data in light pulses, contained by the cladding.

The coating and strengthening fibers help the core keep its shape and provides protection. And the cable jacket is a waterproof shell that prevents environmental damage.

What Are the Benefits?

With 5G connections, we can connect with speeds that allow for cloud services and complete network migration. An increase in bandwidth allows providers to host their communications networks with future technologies that demand faster data uploads and downloads to keep the business running smoothly.

Cloud networks mean modern companies can move data and improve security and their communications systems through a virtual environment while saving money and providing clients and team members with the tools and assistance they need.

None of today’s cloud applications would be as efficient without modern and advanced fiber construction. Aside from business applications for your network, industrial fiber construction also enhances speeds for:

  • Sensory devices
  • Broadcasting and cable
  • Video-on-demand services

Governments agencies and the military also benefit from fiber optics within their systems. What’s more, autonomous cars are no longer sci-fi with optical fiber construction and high-speed data communication.

Do You Need a Fiber Construction Company?

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