Thermaltake, manufacturer of PC Cases and Solution, developed a new TT present product line- the new Core W series: Core W200 and Core P 200 pedestal chassis. This new super power chassis provides a great opportunity for makers to experience true DIY by putting every single piece together to complete a high-end system. This new Core w200 and Core WP200 have a capability for more than 20 drive trays and 10 expansion slots with plenty of space for liquid-cooling expansion and high-end hardware.

This Thermaltake Core W200 and Core WP200 features the latest ATX, XL-ATX, E-ATX, mini-ITX, Micro ATX motherboard with SSI MEB. The chassis included all the standard equipment. You just only need to purchase the custom liquid cooling components.


The Core W200 is 677 × 475 × 678 mm chassis dimension, 18.7 inches of width and 26.7 inches from the front to back. The chassis is built from panels and component made of SPCC including Fans that support up to 3 fans 140 mm and a rear 140 mm fans. 4 large 200 mm fans on the top panel along with 3 fans 140 mm at the bottom.

The Core WP200 chassis also has removable “3 + 14” drive racks and freely interchangeable SSD/HDD cage sections. It designed for high-end gaming systems  and it features two sets of I/O buttons that allow you to put two systems in the case and there is room for 20 data storage devices. It also have a tower CPU cooler up to 200 mm, and a high-wattage PSU up to 220 mm. You can also expand its capabilities of either of these new chassis with the P200 Pedestal for even more cooling and power.