A business Internet service gives you the opportunity to improve productivity and efficiency in many different aspects of your business. Unlike consumer broadband, the service from a business Internet provider will be based on an uncontended, high-speed, highly secure connectivity that enables you to transfer data, access cloud applications, web services, Internet sites and IP telephony.

What can you do with a business-class Internet service

BroadConnect Telecom, for example, provides services from ADSL up to Premium Ultra-fast Business Internet with speedsup to 10Gbps for businesses with complex, intensive bandwidth requirements. A service with that type of blazing speed means you can support high-bandwidth applications such as HD video conferencing, VoIP, and Unified Communications tools.

Exchange data faster

Small business broadband internet makes it easy to share data with branches, suppliers and business partners. The service is fast and secure, protecting your confidential data and helping all parties access the data they need to make better business decisions.

If you operate a supply chain, you can share data throughout the chain quickly and easily so that all members can respond to changes in demand or supply. The global reach of the Internet means you can share data with business partners anywhere in the world.

Access the latest cloud applications

Increasingly, businesses are replacing packaged software running on servers at the office with applications hosted in the cloud. With popular software such as Microsoft Office available as a cloud version – Office 365 – new developments are likely to focus on the cloud, rather than conventional products.

Businesses that use cloud applications benefit from reduced license fees, immediate access to the latest upgrades, easy deployment, access on any device and the replacement of upfront purchase costs with affordable monthly fees.

To ensure that employees can access their applications whenever they need them, a reliable, high quality business-class Internet connection is essential.

Make use of web services

Web services, such as account-management or order-processing systems can also improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs. Collaboration with customers and partners becomes easier using web services over high-speed Internet connections.

The speed, reliability and security of business Internet services are essential to support services like that.

Improve collaboration

Web conferencing makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, customers and business partners.  Web conferencing is available on demand, so participants do not have to pre-book conference rooms or conferencing services.

With high-speed business Internet services, participants can incorporate video, file sharing and project management tools in the web conference, improving the scope of collaboration and enhancing the experience for all participants.

Transform communications

For businesses that want to implement VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or Unified Communications, business Internet solutions provide the essential connectivity. Instead of upfront costs on infrastructure, businesses can pay a monthly fee to access IP telephony services hosted in the cloud.

An ucontended high-speed, always-on Internet connection links the telephone system to an Internet Telephony Provider and maintains the quality of service essential to clear voice calls.

Make your business more efficient

A business Internet solution can change the way you run your business, introducing new levels of productivity and efficiency. If you would like to find out how business Internet could benefit your business, you’ll find that BroadConnect Telecom can offer advice and insight and help you deploy a solution tailored to your needs.