The construction industry is one of the largest industries nationwide with nearly 700,000 employers and over 7 million employees. But while the industry helps significantly pad the national economy, it’s one of the worst for profit loss. Construction equipment is among the easiest and most accessible option for savvy thieves as anything from entire containers to copper wire can be easily lifted in an unsecured or poorly secured jobsite. In fact, between $300 million and $1 billion in construction materials and equipment are stolen or otherwise unaccounted for annually; and less than 25% of that is recovered. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to amp up your construction site security so your business isn’t a statistic.

Security on the Jobsite

Register All of Your Equipment

Construction equipment isn’t cheap, and if you’ve invested in your company’s future the last thing you need is to lose your shirt after a crime has taken place. Whether working with a private security guard services in Detroit or contacting the local authorities directly, the more they know about what’s missing the more likely you’ll be to retrieve or replace it. Therefore, always ensure all your equipment is thoroughly registered when and as needed. You may never need the safety net. But if you do, it’ll lead to a lot fewer headaches down the road.

Explain and Enforce the Theft Prevention Policy

Theft is common at construction sites and jobsites because of how accessible stock is and how easy it is to hide in the shadows. Theft is most common with anyone who knows the layout of the jobsite. So that can include return customers, looky-loos, and especially, employees. Construction theft has peak times like anything else. And according to the most recent Lojack study, May and January are the most common theft months for the industry. Of course, that could still occur any time so it’s important to establish, explain, and enforce a company-wide theft prevention plan. Make sure all employees and subcontractors are aware of the rules and consequences for breaking them. That could cover everything from theft and borrowing equipment to replacing items when finished and removing scrap metal or waste.

Secure Your Site and Your Equipment

Experienced criminals primarily target items that are either easy to lift, expensive, luxurious, or those that have a higher market value. Construction jobsite materials can fit into most, if not all, of those categories. One of the easiest ways to secure your inventory is to do just that… secure it. Lockdown heavy equipment. Remove wheels and batteries when needed. And upgrade to higher-tech cut-off switches and GPS systems whenever possible. Secure your entire site as well with fencing, no-trespassing signs, and professionally monitored security cameras and CCTV services to sweep the high-risk areas during and after business hours.

Amp Up Your Physical Security Options

Simple or sneaky theft is one thing, but violence is another matter altogether. Business owners, employees, and customers aren’t generally prepared for the possibility of a violent crime at the workplace. Even if you have a firearm or other weapon on hand, a desperate criminal can turn a simple crime into a fatal situation in the blink of an eye. Almost 2 million workplace fatalities occur annually, and 17% of those were due to violence alone in 2016. Having a trained and experienced security guard on staff can deter potential thieves before a desperate act even begins and minimize the risks of any type of crime. Give us a call when you’re ready to consider upgrading your security guard services in Detroit.