The average car on American roads has a lifespan of just under 12 years. That’s quite a jump from the 8.4-year average in 1995. And yet, the average driver only keeps their current vehicle for around six years. Many cars nowadays can continue running smoothly, or at least relatively safely, through the 200-250K mile markers. However, regardless of which make of car you drive, keeping it running that long will likely cost a limb or two. Eventually, your car will conk out. But fortunately, it’s easy to sell your junk car for cash by following a few simple tips.

Selling Your Junk Car

Watch for Traps and Pressure

There are plenty of scams and instant offers out there that may seem too good to be true. Pay attention to your instincts but also dig in a bit deeper and do some research before falling prey to some doozies. Watch out for the “trade-in” scam thinking it’s your last-ditch option. If your vehicle is old or on its last leg, chances are the dealer doesn’t really want it any more than you do.

That trade-in “savings” will actually get added to the full price of the new or used car you’re considering driving off the lot. So you’ll be paying them for taking your car on top of buying another one from the dealer. Car salespeople are far better at selling vehicles than you are at buying one, so brush up on some tricks and see pressure or extreme time limits for what they are… red flags.

Grab the Goods

You can always sell your car to a buyer as-is, but that can also lead to a lot of extra income being left on the table. Various aftermarket car components can be worth a mint to the right buyer, and you can line up multiple options beyond the one who ends up buying the vehicle. Metals like copper, palladium, and platinum are common in older models. In fact, palladium, which is found in catalytic converters, is considered more valuable than gold. Of course, there are other valuable items lurking behind than just metal. Newer tires, batteries, headlights, stereos, GPS devices, and even car mats can be resold or repurposed in your next new or used vehicle. So why leave the goods behind if you can sell or reuse them?

Call Us to Get Top Dollar in Less Than an Hour

Taking an ad out in the paper or even on a website can be an expensive undertaking and eat into the final payout of your vehicle. And waiting for a potential buyer to come through can be stressful and a waste of time. The fact is, any private buyer is going to want the best deal possible, so haggling is to be expected. Why waste the time, energy, and sanity when you can call us to get top dollar in less than an hour? We’ll give you an estimate based on your reported condition of the vehicle, pick up the clunker and tow it for free, and hand you cash on the spot for your car. Give us a call today to see how easy it is to get cash for your junk car.