If you own waterfront property, you know the pleasure derived from having a dock. A properly maintained dock not only enhances the value of your property, but provides years of enjoyment whether it be boating, swimming, fishing, or just lounging in the sun.

 marine inspection services

Docks range from simple to extravagant, depending on your needs and budget. The type of shoreline you have and local environmental issues also play a role in how you maintain your dock. Companies that offer marine inspection services can discuss these issues with you and help ensure your dock is safe, sturdy, and meets local requirements.

Perform Routine Inspections

Docks are exposed to the elements year-round, and depending on the type of dock, can be affected by things such as high winds, extreme temperatures, and water movement. As a dock owner, you should routinely inspect your dock for signs of weather damage and structural wear and tear, and repairs should be made immediately.

Consider These Key Areas

When performing a dock inspection, pay close attention to a few key areas.

  • Anchorage. This includes cables or other devices that stabilize your dock. Look for any worn or frayed points on the cables. Check all connections between anchor points and dock.
  • Flotation. Make sure your floats are made with materials that will not become water-logged or sink when punctured. Ensure the floats are properly secured to the dock.
  • Walkway. The walkway should be clear of any obstruction that might be unsafe. It should have minimum lateral movement and proper flotation. If handrails are installed, ensure they are free of splinters.
  • Dock. Check for any tripping hazards. Check wood for decay, splintering, protruding nails and screws. Check metal for rust and other damage. Treating and repairing wood and metal damage as soon as it’s detected will save you money in the long run.

Owning waterfront property with a dock is a luxury and a substantial investment. Routinely inspecting your dock can help you protect that investment.