There are many different contradicting opinions on wastegate controls. This can make choosing the right one confusing. Read on for an overview of how to choose the right wastegate for your turbocharged engine.

Consider Your Engine’s Power

Many people think that the bigger your engine is, the bigger wastegate you will need. This is false. It actually has more to do with your horsepower than with your engine size. If you have a big engine with a low horsepower output, you will want a big wastegate. Similarly, a small engine that has lower horsepower will require a bigger wastegate. On the other hand, a big engine that puts out a lot of horsepower will need a smaller wastegate. Also, a small engine that produces a lot of horsepower will require a small wastegate.


The Engine Temperature Isn’t That Important

Many people are going to tell you that a wastegate isn’t going to operate in high heat. This is false. They tend to be mounted to the hottest part of the exhaust. They are generally located where all the gases meet, which leads to higher temperatures. Additionally, fuels that combust late will further raise this temperature. Because of this, wastegates are designed to handle high heat. This means they can tolerate being installed in the harshest locations and will still perform under extreme temperatures.

Decide How Smooth You Want Your Flow to Be

Larger wastegate valve diameters mean that you will get better flow. This is common knowledge in the diesel world. Whether you are new or old to diesel engines, you have probably heard this saying. Valve diameter plays a major part in how smooth the flow is. However, the flow direction is also an important aspect that often goes overlooked. Because of this, you want to compare wastegates with large valve diameters. Then, choose one with a balanced design that will allow the parts inside it to work together. This means you can maximize the amount of horsepower coming out of your engine by choosing wastegates with a balanced design and smooth flow. Fortunately, the majority of wastegates designed for diesel engines will have a smooth flow.

These are a few of the top facts you need to know about wastegates. Considering these factors will help you choose the right part for your engine. The right one can help you achieve maximum horsepower no matter what conditions you install it in.