When it comes to shipping automobiles across the country commercially, there’s a lot to consider. What company do you use? What truck does the hauling? How far are you moving the fleet? Aside from that, though, it’s also important to consider the different types of vehicles you might move using commercial vehicle delivery. Whether you are transporting a vehicle because of a cross-country move, or you need to move an entire fleet of vehicles, here is a list of some of the most common types of vehicles getting moved across the country.

commercial vehicle delivery

Types of Vehicles That Can Be Shipped

For most commercial delivery services, as long as the item being shipped has an engine and wheels, it can be done. That being said, there are some common vehicle types getting shipped around the country quite regularly. Here are a few of them.


Whether you’re transporting a car commercially or personally, a commercial vehicle delivery can help. Your vehicle is an important asset that helps your family get from point A to point B, as well as likely getting you to and from your place of employment. You want to make sure that your vehicle is transported with care and arrives in one piece.

Mini-Vans and Full-Sized Vans

Passenger vans and full-sized vans are another vehicle that families rely on to get around. When moving across the country, you want to make sure this vehicle is transported safely. Utilizing commercial shipping methods, you can opt for open and enclosed carrier services to deliver your vehicle.


Pickup trucks, semi trucks, cargo trucks and more are shipped commercially. Commercial shipping methods are safe and secure, so you can usually count on your truck getting to you in good shape and on time.


Just because it doesn’t move across land normally, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get shipped that way! Boats are regularly shipped to dealers across the country in bulk.


Whether you’re needing to ship flat-bed trailers, or even RV trailers, they are often shipped. In the case of RVs, new models come out every year that need to be stocked at dealerships all over the nation.

And More

Some other types of vehicles you might see shipped also include SUVs, Station Wagons, box trucks, buses, construction equipment, tow trucks, taxis and even farm equipment and tractors. With all the vehicles that can be shipped commercially, it’s important to consider what vehicles you need and how many, and then you can contact a professional vehicle transportation service to do the rest. Look for a service that has a good reputation for picking up, loading and delivering the vehicles safely and on time.