Most people are familiar with their household electrical panel, complete with circuit breakers and specialized wiring. However, it’s larger facilities that have complex electrical needs 24 hours a day. When you learn more about industrial electrical applications, you’ll understand their utmost importance when it comes to smooth medical care, customer service and even generating oil products.

Cyberex Mission Critical (MC) SeriesKeeping Cool

Industrial electrical supplies are often used to cool manufacturing equipment or even nuclear materials. Each facility is inspected with unique designs created for their electrical efficiency. Professionals will confer over these designs to verify their efficacy and safety parameters. A nuclear core must be cooled with liquid on a 24-hour basis, for instance. Dozens of servers in an industrial room must be cooled with strong air conditioners. It’s these applications that industrial electrical components must support with the help of qualified personnel.

Powering Critical Equipment

If the main electrical grid fails at a medical facility, machines supporting patients would immediately break down. Emergency power supplies normally take over, providing energy to critical equipment. Generators might cover hallway lights, but heart-lung machines and other components need a specific power level to safely help patients. Without these key power supplies integrated into the facility’s electrical system, patients could worsen or pass away from lack of machine support.

Safety First

Industrial electrical power supplies cannot be added to a building arbitrarily. Specialized schematics are drawn up to match with the incoming main electrical power. There must be a safe transition when main electricity fails to support a building. Professionals install and test these transitions with every preventive maintenance appointment.

The Computer Side

Emergency power could be supporting sensitive servers holding crucial data for thousands of customers, for example. A business wants any electrical disturbance to be as minimal as possible. Ideally, a computer system should barely note a change from main grid power to alternative devices. If even one computer fails to receive power, critical data could be lost forever. Big businesses cannot afford to harm their vendors or customers with that possibility. Some companies even have backup power for their backup system.

If you’re ever at a facility with a power outage, don’t be concerned about surges or injury. Electricians ensure that all facilities don’t succumb to major damage with power control on several levels. Professionals will periodically inspect and test these power supplies on-site, so that all emergency parameters work perfectly.