Keeping your plane fully powered can be a challenge if you lack adaptable and portable charging equipment. When you want to be prepared regardless of your surroundings, you may find it easier to invest in supplies like an airplane starting unit that can is portable and easy to take along with you. This equipment can be found online when you shop on a website that specializes in battery and turbine charging supplies. You can find out the details of this unit and learn why it can be a resource that comes in handy anywhere you and your plane go.

airplane starting unit

Fitted with wheels, the unit can be rolled to your plane’s location. Even if you are on a ramp out in the open, the unit can be placed in close enough proximity to allow you to connect your plane’s battery to it. The pack has been designed to assist with power starting and maintenance functions. It has a large battery capacity of 78AH and has a 58-amp power supply. Given these specifics, you can get prolonged maintenance checkout time if you choose this pack for your airplane’s electrical system.

Also because of its power specifications, it may only take your battery a few hours to fully charge. This shortened charging time can be essential when you are on a tight schedule and do not have time to wait overnight or for a full day for the battery to charge. It must be connected to AC power, however, for it to charge in that short amount of time.

Aside from the power specifics, the pack can also be customized if you need something different. You can contact the company directly to find out if what you need can be add or altered on the existing pack. Having the pack customized may prove to be relatively easy because this equipment is made in America. You will be dealing with a company in this country rather than one overseas.

You can also contact customer support using the options found on the website. The company has its phone number at the top of the page. You can also email the support personnel listed on the site. The company also has a list of dealer locations throughout the country that you can visit if you prefer to deal with customer support representatives in person rather than through email correspondence or over the phone.