Normally when you think of geometry and modern design, you’re likely thinking about everything except your television. That’s not the case for a few of Sony’s 4K Ultra HDTV engineers. When they sought out to design the 2015 line of televisions, they set out a goal of incorporating pure, minimalist shapes. The idea being that the cleaner and simpler the design, the more complementary it can be within any room’s furnishings and proportions.


But when designing a television, the engineers incorporated more than just shapes. They intentionally used materials to grab your attention and draw your eyes to the TV. This extended even to the brushed metal and leather-grain finishes, creating contrast to clean lines on the screens and stands. The overall effect is edgy yet polished.

Let’s take the X900C series for example. Framed by a mere 4.9 mm bezel, when you look at the X900C screen it seems weightless and content appears to float mid-air. The extruded aluminum stand is slender and sturdy and creates an airy baseline.  Mount the TV to the wall and the screen nestles so close it appears built-in. Space-saving and practical structures on the back allow for effective cable management and ventilation. The intention and end result is a TV that looks like part of the original surface when mounted.

Considerably different in style is the X930C series.  This TV is built with pure shapes and contrasting materials. Looking at it from the side, you notice it leans back slightly and the bottom half creates a triangular shaped stand. From the front, the circular speakers complement the rectangular screen. You’d probably never expect to see leather on a TV, but that’s exactly what the finish looks like on the back. This unique texture contrasts with the aluminum stand and adds interest to any room.

Last but certainly not least is the X850C series. It’s easy to see how its simple form can fit in nearly any space. When you see it on a shelf, you notice how it appears light and airy. The brushed metal screen is supported by an aluminum stand in an easy, supportive position. This clean design blends well in any room.

All of these rectangles, triangles, circles and textures demonstrate our engineers’ vision for sleek, modern design. But their passion doesn’t end with TVs.  Geometric silhouettes span across product categories. When you add Sony’s sound bars, Blu-ray Disc players and other devices to your space you’ll feel like you have a special knack for interior design. So go ahead and set them up in any configuration and show off your skills. Don’t be surprised when your guests ask for the name of your interior designer.